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social media marketing 101

Did You Know?

  • An estimated 78% of Singaporeans are on the Internet and own at least ONE social media account.
  • That's a whooping 4.3 million people! (Based on est. Singapore population size of 5.5 million in 2015)
  • A study found at least 65% of Singaporeans aged 18 and older depend on social media as a discovery tool for entertainment, a new product, brand or service, a new album or movie, or breaking news.

Breathtaking stats, but they should not be anything new to brand marketers.

As social media channels and features evolve, digital and social media sources of news and information has become a way of life for many of us.

The question is, with incessant messages and decreasing attention spans on social media, how can brands get themselves heard? And why should customers care about what brands have to say?

At fivefold, the answer to this question lies at the crux of our methodology.

Why fivefold social media marketing solutions?

At fivefold, we help brands lead, influence and convert on social media by embracing the very thing that makes us - as customers - tick.

We translate the values that you uphold as a brand into a social media engagement strategy, creating a brand movement that is not just about what your brand sells, but who your brand is.

Our full-service social media management services include:

  • Brand profiling to understand your brand values and crystallise your brand voice on social media platforms
  • Digital engagement audit to identity opportunities and threats based on current brand engagement framework
  • Strategy blueprint of objectives, concepts and actions to be achieved in stipulated timeframe
  • Translating brand concepts to creative output that engages your target customers
  • Daily management and monitoring of brand digital and/or social media assets
  • Social media listening and tracking tools to stay ahead of what the ground is saying about your brand and/or vertical
  • Data integration and reporting of metrics that define success on social media and digital landscape
  • Monthly and quarterly strategy planning meetings to monitor and chart existing and upcoming brand campaigns and goals
  • More: Social network ad planning/ buying, influencers / bloggers engagement, workshops and consulting, etc.

Find out more about our social media marketing packages and recommendations for your brand needs.

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