About Us

about us

Need a social media agency that understands you?

At fivefold, we believe in helping brands build a brand-led social engagement framework that achieves quantifiable returns in the form of brand awareness, affinity, and action.

We have worked with brands ranging from healthcare, technology, telecommunications, hospitality, as well as the partner agency or two in Public Relations and Advertising.

Central to the way we work (and our existence) is the sweet spot of brand affinity where your brand beliefs and values are communicated in a way that your customers value, embrace, and share.

We call this sweet spot Social Love.

Contact us to find out how our brand profiling tools and engagement methodology can help you and your team achieve your mid to long-term goals.

the fivefold social engagement model

fivefold Methodology
  1. Brand IDENTITY
  2. Who is your brand? All that makes up your brand front (logo, typeface, colours, etc.) tell a story about your brand and how it needs to be perceived.

  3. Brand VALUES
  4. What does your brand stand for or believe in? Often seen in a brand's vision and mission statements, along with fivefold's brand profiling and assessment, your brand values are the key to the customer's brand experience - whether on social media / digital or in-store.

  6. How do you say it? An effective brand communication strategy is the bedrock of a strong social media marketing strategy - whether in the form of content, campaigns or conversion channels. From product / solution features to promotional call-to-action triggers, how it is said is often more important than what is said.

  7. Brand INFLUENCE
  8. Why does it matter? On social media, connections matter - not just between individuals, but also between brands and customers. At fivefold we measure indicators of customer interest and affinity that lead to the effectiveness of any brand call-to-action.

  9. Brand ACTION
  10. What do we have to show for it? Results matter in any marketing campaign - whether in the form of transactional sales, leads or greater brand awareness. What are the metrics that matter to your brand at the end of the day? At fivefold we factor the end-game into our social media strategy - ensuring your brand-customer cycle is complete.

Want to find out more? Drop us a note at hello@fivefold.sg with your contact details for a free social media strategy audit.